Bookkeeping Solutions For Small Businesses

Bookkeeping Solutions for Restauranteurs


After owning my own restaurant I realized that often small business owners are creative people who excel at what they do but may need a little help with the bookkeeping side of the business.

I can teach anyone how to use Quickbooks™ in a way that won’t be daunting or intimidating, even to new users. I can also assist in streamlining and making efficiency improvements to existing books. I really wish I had someone who offered this service many years ago when I was starting Tupelo Honey Café, which is why I’m excited to be offering it now.

My goal is to give you the tools to manage your own books. Having the capability to handle your own finances will save you money, make sure you have a real grasp of every part of your business, and give you peace of mind that you know where your money is being made and spent.



“From day one Sharon was patient, understanding and easily relatable, while being completely confident. Having extensive knowledge of the restaurant industry, as well as QuickBooks, and the nature of POS systems, Sharon was able to help me navigate the organization of my chart of accounts, teach me the ins and outs of recording daily sales, integrating payroll and so many other details that would have surely fallen through the cracks, had I been left to my own devices!”

–Brian and Kate Sonoskus
Owners of Star Diner
Marshall, NC


“I am a self-taught bookkeeper. I learned with online tutorials and trial and error over years of managing a self-run business. When given the opportunity to work with a restaurant, I had a LOT to learn! Sharon came in after I had fumbled about for months. She really took in where we were with the books and customized her instruction to work with the way we had things structured. She got the books cleaned up, but more importantly, she showed me how to KEEP it that way. After a short couple of months, there is efficiency and ease with the bookkeeping. How does it get better than that!? “

–Tanja Kuić
Bookkeeper for Posana Restaurant
Asheville, NC


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